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Telescopicgoal - Portable, long lasting, and high quality football goals. Utilising innovative engineering design to create an adaptable goal that is capable of making football accessible and effective for everyone in the family. Able to grow alongside the user, up your skills without constant goal replacement bills!

    Help your players GROW with the only goals that can!

    Find the goal that's right for you!


    "I want to see my kids engaged and active" - Sonia M.

    We believe Telescopicgoal has the power to help parents like Sonia who want to encourage regular, healthy, outdoor play for her children.

    We know how hard it is to find a single product capable of bringing value to multiple kids at different ages.

    Not only do our products bring an adaptability that ensures growth alongside your children, Telescopicgoal’s portability and ease in assembly gives children like Sonia’s greater opportunity to utilise space playing at home as well as the local park.



    "It's made for me" - Caleb S.

    We love to see how Telescopicgoal’s unique adjustability allows for constant growth alongside players like Caleb, designed to give them the edge in competition.

    As players, we understand how difficult it is to recreate that match day feel in training, especially with limited backyard space.

    With Telescopicgoal's versatility, Caleb can find that real goal feel regardless of space, and as both he and his skills grow; so too can his goal.



    "The versatility and ease of set up with a Telescopicgoal provides a new dimension to my trainings which allows me to create a greater range of drills in order to get more out of my players" - Mike D.

    With Telescopicgoal, Mike has found new ease and efficiency in his ability to transition between different teams and drills.

    We know how set up and pack up can eat into training time and having long lasting, easily assembled equipment allows coaches like Mike to create the most value for his players in his sessions.

    Telescopicgoals provide greater flexibility when
    it comes to recreating match scenarios out on the training pitch.



    “The ability these goals have to change size so dramatically with such ease, has the potential to save clubs tremendous time and admin when preparing fields for different age groups, while the portability and use of space allow us to encourage our players to utilise their backyards or local parks to improve their skills” - Helen S.

    Telescopicgoal are on a mission to increase footballing quality and opportunities around the country. We believe our products have the power to greatly enhance football development, and therefore want to be working alongside as many football clubs as possible. If you are a representative of a football club looking to bring more value to your players, head to the ‘Contact Us’ page. We will endeavour to help you discover the sponsorship benefits for your club while promoting a product capable of being adjusted to a players age and ability, while simultaneously guaranteeing easy pack away and storage.