T1- Adjustable to 35 sizes up to 5m x 2m Aluminium - FOOTBALL GOAL SOF– Telescopicgoal icon

T1- Adjustable to 35 sizes up to 5m x 2m Aluminium - FOOTBALL GOAL SOFT GROUND FABRIC CROSS BAR - includes wheelie bag


T1 – Functioning as our starting and most basic product, the T1 is capable of more than 35 different goal sizes, utilising vertical, adjustable aluminium posts (1m to 2m), an easy to adjust fabric cross bar (1.5m to 5m) and soft ground spikes.  Net included.  Can be upgraded to T2 at a later date.  Over 1000 sold worldwide and 60+ 5 star reviews.

Ideal for all age ranges, the versatile goal can be easily adjusted to 35 different goal sizes featuring 100mm hexagonal netting manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant 4mm high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP).


Height adjustable from 1m to 2m including 1m(3’3”), 1.2m(4’), 1.5m(5’), 1.8m(6’), 2m(6’7”)

Width adjustable from 1.5m to 5m including 1.5m(4’11”), 1.8m(6’), 2m(6’8”), 2.4m(8’), 3m(9’10”), 3.7m(12’), 4m(13’1”), 4.8m(16’), 5m(16’5”)

Manufactured using strong, durable Aluminium, capable of retaining its strength and designed to be weather resistant under all conditions, eliminating the risk of rust or degradation under UV sunlight and half the price of a fixed sized aluminium goal.

Hexagonal 100mm net included made from the strongest UV resistant 4mm high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP), ensuring weather resistance and proving to be more effective and lasting longer than high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Made for quick and easy set-up (5-10 minutes) and put-away, the T1 consists of only 2 parts as the aluminium tubing stays connected even when disassembled. Colour coded clips and aluminium carabiners ensure clear direction and ease when adjusting goal size.

Vertical post ground spikes (made from galvanised steel) are designed for soft ground surfaces, reducing the need for net framing and providing a simple, light weight option.

Included is a convenient wheelie bag, measuring 115cm long x 40cm wide x 20cm high therefore the perfect size for a folded T model and guaranteeing easy storage and transport, fitting into the back of most cars. 

Can be upgraded to T2 at a later date with an aluminium crossbar sold separately for a game day feel at home, in the park, school and football club or the T2 can upgraded to T3 for hard grounds.

Product Warranty

All products on our website hold a 2 year warranty, covering manufacturing defects. In the event of an item developing a fault or is found to be faulty upon delivery, please contact our Customer Care team with images of the fault, detailing the issue so that we can resolve as quickly as possible.

Weight: 13.1kg including Bag

Age-Appropriate Football Goal Sizing

Telescopicgoals are a world first providing football players, coaches, clubs, and schools with the ability to use the goal size that will be most effective based on age, size, and ability. So to match our unique goals, we've also done some world first research into goal sizing.

Calculating the ratio of an adult to a full size goal in the senior game of football (soccer), and then working backwards, we've been able to create a table that provides players, coaches, and parents with recommendations based on age and size. Using our guide, you'll be able to create the most effective training for any player and give them the best opportunity to further develop their footballing journey.

Age Appropriate Football Goal Sizing


T1 Telescopicgoal Instruction Manual (PDF)

Instruction Video for T1 and T2 Telescopicgoal

Resizing Video for T1 and T2 Telescopicgoal

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lara Adams

Very happy with my T1 Telescopicgoal and I can't wait to take it camping! It is perfect for the whole family and bonus, it travels well fitting anywhere!

David Grant
Great for kids of all ages

I bought the T1 for my younger kids and they absolutely love it! The ability to adjust the size of the goal means that it grows with them, and the lightweight aluminium design makes it easy for them to move around. I'm so glad that I bought this product and would highly recommend it to any parent looking for a high-quality football goal for their kids

Jonah Ward
Slick and quick

Materials are high quality and long-lasting and I have quickly mastered the set up and pack away

Lance Williams
Great for a family beach day!

We purchased a T1 for football/volleyball at the beach and are loving it! The ability to fold down the goal into the wheelie bag is a game changer. We now keep the goal and a ball in the boot at all times in case we pass the beach or a park, the kids are obsessed!