Can I upgrade from T1 to T2 or T2 to T3

Yes if you purchase either T1 or T2 and would like to upgrade at a later date then you can purchase the crossbar and stanchion (net support) parts which are sold separately. The T1 will require the crossbar to upgrade to T2. The T2 will require the stanchion to upgrade to the T3.

I'm not sure which Telescopicgoal model to purchase T1, T2 or T3?

The T1 Telescopicgoal has a fabric crossbar and has spikes which are pushed into the soft ground attaching the vertical posts. If you would prefer more of a match day feel the T2 has an aluminium crossbar. For hard grounds where it is difficult to place a ground spike the T3 has a full aluminium frame to support the net and sits on the ground.

I'm unsure what size goal I should use, could you please advise?

This is a very good question in football development and there is a great deal of debate on which sized goal should be used for different aged children. Just look at the different football associations around the World recommendations for example NZ recommends 4m x 2m for children under 10 while Australia and the UK its 3.7m x 1.8m, the EU 3m x 1.55m , Sweden 3m x 1.5m and Spain and Portugal 1.8 x 1.2m. With the flexibility of the Telescopicgoal you can choose which size you would like please see About Us.

How easy is it to change sizes and/or move the goal between locations?

Our T models are designed to be as easy and effective in their ability to adjust sizes and maintain portability as possible. Sizes are clearly labelled across the goal with a coloured marking system, making it easy for quick adjustment. The locking system is easy to use and guarantees stability while the carabiners ensure a tight net at all times. All T models are easily foldable with minimal detaching in order to remove the risk of losing parts and secure easy set up and pack away, while the perfectly shaped and sized T bag and wheels provide easy transport.

Are my kids safe setting up the T models?

Our T Models are engineered to be as quick, easy, and safe to set up as possible. Unlike other products on the market, the T models have a unique pack away system that limits the need for disassembly, ensuring safe handling and stability throughout the set up and pack away stages. Our instruction manuals arrive with our products but can also be found here on our website for guidance during the set up and pack away stages.