T3 - Adjustable to 35 sizes up to 5m x 2m Aluminium - FOOTBALL GOAL HARD/SOFT GROUND FULL FRAME - includes wheelie bag.


The T3 is the ultimate Telescopic experience with a full aluminium goal frame that is still easily adjustable and designed to recreate that match day feel, while the aluminium stanchion supports the net means the goal can be used on any surface.  As with the T2 the T3 is capable of 35 different goal sizes, utilising vertical, adjustable aluminium posts (1m to 2m), and easily adjustable aluminium crossbar (2m to 5m).

Ideal for all age ranges, the versatile goal can be easily adjusted to 35 different goal sizes featuring 120mm hexagonal netting manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant 4mm high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP).


Height adjustable from 1m to 2m including 1m(3’3”), 1.2m(4’), 1.5m(5’), 1.8m(6’), 2m(6’7”)

Width adjustable from 2m to 5m including 2m(6’8”), 2.4m(8’), 3m(9’10”), 3.7m(12’), 4m(13’1”), 4.8m(16’), 5m(16’5”)

Manufactured using strong, durable Aluminium, capable of retaining its strength and designed to be weather resistant under all conditions, eliminating the risk of rust or degradation under UV sunlight.

Hexagonal 120mm net made from the strongest UV resistant 4mm high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP), ensuring weather resistance and proving to be more effective and lasting longer than high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Made for quick and easy set-up (5-10 minutes) and put-away, the T3 consists of only 4 parts as the aluminium tubing stays connected even when disassembled. Colour coded clips and aluminium carabiners ensure clear direction and ease when adjusting goal size.

Included is a convenient wheelie bag, measuring 115cm long x 40cm wide x 20cm high therefore the perfect size for a folded T model and guaranteeing easy storage and transport, fitting into the back of most cars.

Product Warranty

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Weight: 17kg including Bag


T3 Telescopicgoal Instruction Manual (PDF)

T3 Instruction Set Up Video

T3 Resize and Packaway Video


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sam King
Great for a youth team

I coach my daughters football team and we were able to purchase a T3 as a team for our practices. Its light and portable (I keep it in my car) and it allows us to have trainings anywhere and not have to worry about goal availability

Kevin Jones
Game Changer

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this product! Finally I can play anywhere knowing I’ll always have a high quality goal and net on hand - let alone the ability to change size and adjust based on available space!

Becca Lee
Helped me score my first free kick!

After setting up my T3 in the backyard, I have been practicing my accuracy and free kick taking. I play with different sized goals for my school team so having the T3 let me practice with the exact size I'd be playing with. This paid off when I scored a free kick in my second game for the school team, thanks Telescopicgoal!

Luke Martin
Best birthday present ever

Mum and Dad got me a T3 after I came across the Telescopicgoal instagram page. I live right by a big park that has never had goals so this is an absolute game changer!

Eric Johns
Aluminium so much better than plastic

I bought some Forza plastic goals and it didn't take long before the crossbar sagged, it was difficult to put together and only after a season leaving it outside the plastic became brittle and broke. The netting also didn't last being only 2mm. I purchased a Telescopicgoal and the aluminium cross bar is straight as and the netting is 4mm. Very happy with my Telescopicgoal purchase. It was worth the extra money and I also get a goal I can change sizes.