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Goal Sizing


Part of our mission at Telescopicgoal is providing players with the opportunity to continue their personal development by replicating that match day feel in their own backyard. 

Telescopicgoals are a world first providing football players, coaches, clubs, and schools with the ability to use the goal size that will be most effective based on age, size, and ability.  So to match our unique goals, we've also done some world first research into goal sizing. 

Calculating the ratio of an adult to a full size goal in the senior game of football (soccer), and then working backwards, we've been able to create a table that provides players, coaches, and parents with recommendations based on age and size. Using our guide, you'll be able to create the most effective training for any player and give them the best opportunity to further develop their footballing journey.

Age Appropriate Football Goal SizingAge Appropriate Football Goal Sizing

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